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subsonic 9mm titegroup 2. Dave Sevigny shoots 147gr bullets as do many of the top level shooters. Unsurpassed for . 9 gr. 115 Jul 19 2016 Reloading the 9mm Luger is an easy process but there are a few useful techniques for getting the most out of your 9mm loads. May 20 2014 The best powders I have used for loading 9mm subs are TiteGroup Unique and Power Pistol. 42 Ready to Ship . 46 inches. 9gr WSF. 6gr titegroup is barely subsonic out nbsp 27 Feb 2018 Isyour6covered Youtube https www. 45 ACP 9mm and even the 7. 2 Power Pistol 4. 308 recipes I 39 ve seen use TrailBoss and a lighter bullet. Dec 12 2017 5 fmj 147g w 3. With my setup using the . 9 of Winchester 231 4. 5 seconds from squeezing the trigger to hearing the steel and it really rainbows them in. Select your cartridge type from the drop down list. Our Match Solid Technology utilizes unique processes to deliver the highest levels of repeatability. 223 62gr FMJ Bullets Version 3 . Winchester 147 grain 9mm Silvertip Subsonic JHP X9MMST147 Winchester 147 grain 9mm Super X Subsonic XSUB9MM Remington 147 grain 9mm JHP R9MM8 Remington 147 grain 9mm Golden Saber JHP GS9MMC Remington 140 grain 9mm JHP R9MM7 Remington 88 grain 9mm JHP R9MM5 This bullet is far too light. Discussion Bullseye is a fast burning powder and perhaps better suited to the small cases like the 9mm. Hodgdon Titegroup. If you 39 re unsure or just want options check as many boxes as you 39 d like. You want to be around 1000 fps to stay subsonic. 9mm with titegroup was one of the first projects I attempted when I started reloading. That load should be subsonic by a good margin. I do use different charge weights for each caliber with the exception of 40 and 45 which I use the same. Initial results 4. First The 9mm is a high pressure cartridge normal operating pressure is 35 000 psi. Subsonic loads were good to go on the first try 168 208 . 8 grs. Nov 22 2014 NORK1911A1 for a good 9mm load with titegroup try 4. quot Well no ship sherlock a 185 gr bullet in a 9mm is going to be subsonic. May 01 2008 With 115 FMJ I 39 ve used 4. I just got started loading for a 9mm and have used Red Dot and TiteGroup. model and a P320FS which is a nicely subsonic load and soft shooting as well. HS 6 HS 6 is a fine spherical propellant that has wide application in pistol and shotshell. Sep 25 2011 Re Post your pet Subsonic . 32 S amp W. 636 lb seconds approximately 2 3 the momentum of the 230 grain . Starting at 22. 003 90287 Hornady . 9gr N340 In 9mm most loading data are supersonic. excellent product People who email them about using WST in 9mm tend to get condescending replies that it shouldn 39 t be done while they give 9mm data for Clay 39 s that 39 s even faster burning with a very narrow load range and a Max. Oct 11 2010 Titegroup is great I 39 ve used many pounds of it in 9mm 38 SuperComp . 40 Jul 15 2014 Yes I 39 m admitting my quot go to quot suppressed 9mm load probably isn 39 t the greatest . This bullet is a long bullet and needs to be seated anywhere between an oal of 1. My test group was 100 rounds function was flawless and accuracy was as good as any other ammo that I 39 ve tried. com . As I worked up the 124 gr. I like Power Pistol for the 9mm because it is somewhat slower than the others I listed and I don 39 t get that leading with this powder. Tite group powder load data I worked up some very nice quiet hard hitting subsonic 9mm for my 9mm carbine using these on top of 3. 50 Beowulf Ammunition Reloading Data and Instructions Can anyone recommend a powder for a quot gallery quot type subsonic 9mm round ball load to be fired from a carbine length barrel I have some . Some of the variation is due to temperature and powder density differences from lot to lot. Meaning your barrel length has a good bit to do with sane powder choices. 8 of HS6 and 3. For 45 LC using the 250 gr RNFP Cowboy 1 I use 6. 38 Super IPSC Loads List Compiled By Jeff Maass USPSA L 1192 Updated 23 October 2003 Primers Small rifle primers are used very nearly universally for IPSC Major . I 39 ve seen a bunch of data for 147 Gr coated bullets but have yet to find anything on 145 Gr. 45 ACP. Using bullets from Hornady HPBT XTP Speer TMJ FN. I know there are TiteGroup loads out there and a few others but IMO you are nbsp Right now I am using 230gr FMJ with 4. If you can get Titegroup 115 FMJ 4. 20 Cal Ammo Cans 9mm 124gr JHP RN Bullets Version 2 . 308W and . I was perusing the load data on the Hodgdon site and discovered that they have loads for both the . 357 158gr FP TP Shop Now . Nov 06 2019 If you have to use Tite Group then I 39 m sure you can make it work. I was thinking of using Alliant Sport Pistol since the load data for their types of bullets are posted on their website. If you borrow or buy a copy of Lyman 39 s 49th edition it has load data for 9mm rifle in it. Dec 26 2018 Re suppressed subsonic 9mm propellants SBR I actually shoot 147 39 s in IDPA competition. 44 Mag. Elmer Keith deserves inclusion into that group. Just ran them to see if they cycled well will have to go to the range to check for accuracy. Hodgdon Titegroup Quest for the Perfect 9mm Hand Load Part 10. 0. Available in 1 lb. 40 S amp W and . Feb 04 2017 Although I 39 ve used Titegroup and HP 38 for subsonic loads for 115g plated bullets I haven 39 t done the same with 124g bullets with these powders. The Red Dot is an older lot of powder and the TiteGroup is the only stuff I could find at the time I bought it. Top choices include Hodgdon Longshot CFE Pistol Universal Titegroup Clays and Titewad IMR Target and Red and Winchester 572 AutoComp WSF 244 231 and WST. 5 Ba9 CSB 1 D032 2400 Blue Dot 231 HP 38 Autocomp WSF True Blue d037. 5s in . 62 loaded for around 1600 fps with the 155 and a gas check that I bought an 8 pounder against the odd chance that Hillary outlaws the sale of smokeless powder I mainly tried May 15 2020 I use TG in my subsonic loads 165 39 s and 147 39 s use 3. case length 0. 355 9mm Xtreme Defense 125gr nbsp 9mm 165 RN. 223 Rem. Going with a modified 5. 99 308 WIN 150 GR SP 60 RD MINI CAN 54. Re Best 147gr 9mm subsonic defensive load Reply 22 on April 08 2014 08 47 50 am Out of curiosity is the reason you want it to be quiet to reduce risk of hearing damage or for other reasons I 39 ve seen a few threads on Hodgdon Clays as a good powder for 9mm especially subsonic. Geco 9mm Ammunition 220340050 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket Case of 1000 Rounds. Sent from my SM G935F using Tapatalk I 39 ve got some tubs of 700X in the closet but it doesn 39 t meter all that well for me. 38 special. Send PM 01 07 2013 9 CFE Pistol provides optimum performance in cartridges like the 9mm Luger 38 Super 40 S amp W the 45 ACP and many more. Our first quality Remington bullets are manufactured to the highest industry standards and comes packed in heavy duty laminated plastic pouches. 975 COL. com Search Engine 2020 9mm Caliber. Selected as the powder for U. 0 gr of titegroup these are hard hitting and sound Jul 29 2012 Load Data for 9mm LEAD 147gr and Titegroup Thread starter daddybld Start date Jul 29 2012 D. Rating 0 . From what I 39 ve gathered 2 HP38 and Titegroup seem to be the most economical as far as charge what powder would u use for subsonic loads I have TiteGroup True Blue and Power Pistol. I have a 22 caliber Yankee hill suppressor so I 39 m thinking a 12 quot 1 8 twist barrel to shot 70 80 grain cast boolits. 00. GTG subsonic ammo is designed for suppressed or silenced firearms. Unique is a very consistent burning powder and it is almost a tossup with the heavier bullets. 9mm 124 Gr. I need some help with 9 mm load data. Shop brands such as CCI Hornady Winchester and more. 9gr Titegroup at . 6 for 124 lead bullet. Berry 39 s Bullets is a pistol reloaders dream come true offering great deals on plated pistol bullets in most calibers. and . 0 Gr Mixed Cases Federal 150 or CCI 300 Primers COAL 1. It is ideally suited to 38 Special 45 Auto and 9mm standard loads. S. alexanderarms. Unique is ok but you will get better accuracy with Titegroup and 231. Nov 04 2016 Using CFE BLK for all loads from 150 208 grain projectiles. A unique load for the . There 39 s no reason you shouldn 39 t be able to develop a subsonic load with published Titegroup data and a chrony. Ramshot Silhouette. An example is . Nov 04 2015 Regarding a subsonic 9mm 147 gr. The Hodgdon website doesn 39 t even allow me to look up 9mm loads for some reason. 149 in this example but but may also range from . ammo does perform differently. 50 depending on your guns chamber. ALL Accurate 1680 Accurate 4100 Accurate 5744 Accurate LT 30 Hodgdon CFE BLK Hodgdon H110 Hodgdon H4198 Hodgdon Lil 39 Gun Hodgdon Trail Boss Improved Military Rifle IMR 4198 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4227 Ramshot Enforcer VihtaVuori N105 VihtaVuori N110 VihtaVuori N120 Winchester 296 I reloaded and shot 9mm for many years but no more. 8 gr. 9mm Luger P And P Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. 5grains for both getting low 900 39 s out of the 165ers and high 9s out of the 147s 9mm Titegroup Data Page 2 Log in I have been loading subsonic for the whisper 300 Blackout forever and having a ball shooting supressed subsonic rounds. Or 3. and 8 lb. 3. 5 Titegroup. suppressed or not. Since you can work with bullets from 110 grain up to 240 grain in both hypersonic and subsonic loads it boasts tremendous close range versatility. 1 4. Aug 17 2019 Reloading 38 special 357 Mag Titegroup H110 Part 2 Testing out 15. In between it starts doing weird things. I tried my hand at loading a some 9mm rounds using Shell Shock NAS3 cases Federal 200M primers Alliant Power Pistol powder and Zero 147 HP bullets at 1. I missed on some Clays when it was available a couple months back but do have a pound or two of Titegroup and a bunch of Bullseye. Feb 11 2017 Titegroup is notoriously static and anyone using it in a hopper dispenser will agree. I am looking to work up a 9mm subsonic load to shoot suppressed Hosts Glock 17 and Glock 34 both Gen 4 with respective Lone Wolf Threaded Barrels SWR Octane 9HD2 Suppressor Reloading components I have available Berry 39 s 147 grain plated round nose projectiles Hodgdon Titegroup CCI 500 and Federal 100 small pistol primers As the name implies this spherical propellant was designed for accuracy. Nov 15 2014 Load help 9mm Berrys HBFP amp Titegroup I have already wasted about 300 of the thousand Bullets I bought but still haven 39 t got it right. 20 round Notify Me When Available Brand Winchester Item Number WIN9SV Hodgdon 39 s Titegroup Powder is a fast burning spherical propellant designed for efficiency andAlibaba. Canister Sizes View All Bullseye Recipes. 0 titegroup I used to load 3. AP 50 and 70 are good value as well but too dirty in my guns. I have found charge weights that fall in the allowable range. Most rifle loadings are all supersonic so subsonic loads are specially down loaded to stay below the speed of sound. 0 grains of Titegroup. daddybld. I have a Hornady LNL AP and purchased additional powder measure inserts for each caliber. The economical competition powder. D. Just wondering if it was possible to load subsonic centrefire calibres in powders such as 39 titegroup 39 39 clays 39 or 39 trailboss 39 as due to the bulk nbsp Other popular powders for this weight include Solo 1000 and Titegroup. 3 gr of Bulls pushes them at 886 fps average. 3 grs 147 FMJ 3. The thing is due to its mass the 230 grain . Seems to be working ok. 4 gr. It seems the big comment was it burned cleanly. Way too many variables with the electronic scale warmup time EMI etc. 0gr is hotter and will likely be super out of your gun but should work in damn near everything. However several competitors in my area suggested the Titegroup instead. During this test we showed no decrease in accuracy and no signs of barrel wear. com however delta berrys montana all work fine lyman 147 cast gets pretty smoky with all the bullet lube at 700 800 rpm Nice bullets for making subsonic rounds. It 39 s quite accurate in my Glock 34. Ammo Deals 50 Rounds Federal Premium 9mm 115 grain FMJ Ammunition 15. My favorite load with this bullet is 7. 0 to 4. Sellier Bellot Subsonic 300 Blackout Fmj 200 Grain. I use 3. 300 Blackout Scroll down to try out our ammo selector or search by caliber in the menu above. 32 S amp W Long Cowboy Action 32 20 Win. Winchester 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ Steel USA Forged 500 Round Case 99. Some of these AR type 9mm rifles are gas operated and some are blowback that will effect your loads. Their subsonic velocity is ideal for suppressors. Jul 20 2012 The Ballistic Coefficient for the 9mm Luger 9mm Parabellum 9x19mm American Eagle Federal Full Metal Jacket 124gr is 0. bullets. Huskerguy. 7 inches was disqualified because it did not reach 12 inches of penetration. 5 titegroup Took them and ran them thru the Kahr 9mm and they all cycled well and threw the brass around 5 feet. Check out the selection of bulk 45 ACP and 9MM bullets for reloading today I 39 ve seen a bunch of data for 147 Gr coated bullets but have yet to find anything on 145 Gr. It meters very well and is consistent performing from lot to lot. Whats the go to quietest and cleanest powder to shoot subsonic 9mm 147gr 13 Mar 2017 Picked up some titegroup power and am interested in loading using Tried 3. 2 grains and it works for mp5 mp5k micro uzi various 9mm handguns with can. 4 to 4. Only way they could be improved upon would be an expanding nbsp 18 Jun 2017 Anyone have a load for AP70 with 124gr projectiles Haven 39 t used it for a while I know I was loading 3. 355 quot Xtreme Defense XD 118gr Subsonic. Very accurate out at 75 yards. Hodgdon Powder offers the largest selection of quality smokeless propellants for any reloading application. So whats a good multi cal powder I use Win 748 or hogdon 223 for 223 and 308 with good success and am looking for a good single powder for pistol optimum performance in cartridges like the 9mm Luger 38 Super 40 S amp W the venerable 45 ACP and many more. Jul 19 2018 The Discreet Ballistics 300 Blackout 190gr Subsonic Target Load is intended for use in semi automatic and bolt action firearms chambered in 300 AAC Blackout. 2 grns of N330 with a 147 grn Delta Precision or a Plated Bullet. 308 Bullets 200 grain SP Berrys SubSonic 100pk. combined with . 4. 17 Hornet . All around good 9MM Powder. Because of the unique design this powder provides flawless ignition with all types of primers including the lead free versions Alabama Ammo is a great supplier reloader for Subsonic 147gr. I have 1. That said 147 grain bullets which travel around 1000 to 1050 fps from the typical pistol barrel are not bound to break the sound barrier either though some might at some temperatures and from long Sep 15 2013 Looking for info 9mm 147gr. 9mm 147 FP NLG Coated Subsonic ACME Bullet Company manufactures 9mm 93 Grain Makarov hard cast bullets. Well Armed Christian nbsp But is anyone using titegroup to successfully make subsonic 124 39 s Or should I just get some 147 39 s and leave the 124s for regular plinking You may find me nbsp I 39 ve got a few subsonic loads with Titegroup and 147gr bullets from 3. 73 Per Piece. 8gr titegroup is my quot works in most guns quot load. In 9mm most loading data are supersonic. My Uzi will only function running the 147 gr bullets and Titegroup powder. Hornady Load Data 9mm Luger Sep 14 2020 Subsonic. In addition to being the perfect solution for the . Our most accurate 9mm load is the 147 grain ZERO bullet with 3. 37 orifice 4. 5 gr of Titegroup. 44 Special a shot in the arm and the lighter cast bullets further broaden the Special 39 s appeal. 69 Reviews. The bullets were nice and stable with ZERO tumbling or key holing. For your point various 147gr. Cowboy Action Bullseye and Combat Shooters should love this one TITEGROUP has it all low charge weight clean burning mild muzzle report and superb uniform ballistics. I found AA 7 worked well for a 147gr 9mm load but you didn 39 t mention it in your powder list. 8 3. However if you have other options then you might consider a better suited powder. 9mm Ammo has also gained the reputation of the most selected caliber of choice of for Law Enforcement and civilians in search of a capable self defense round. Sep 06 2014 It needs to stay subsonic for my cans but I want it hot enough to run the AR reliably. Works out between 3 and 4c a round at last price I purchased it at. Jan 06 2019 Most accurate 9MM reload. COUPON 2 days ago BULK 9MM AMMO SHIPS FOR FREE 9x19 ammo and 9mm Luger refers to the same NATO caliber and are commonly referred to as simply quot 9mm ammo quot . Accurate 5. 18 Colt Python 357 6inch Lama 380 just to name a few. perfect for supressed ar 15 9mm use I run these long at 1. 7 wadcutter. 1 load for law enforcement and we offer the same performance to you. Jones 300 Whisper got things started commercially years ago for today s 300 AAC Blackout fans. It works great but didn 39 t think about using it for rifle loads. L. 2 but depending on the weather I would get the occasional supersonic crack. I will then change to titegroup as I got 10kg for a good deal. It wouldn 39 t stabilize to well and to test it for possible suppressor use I had a fairly long muzzle brake threaded on and had to many strike on the brake to even think about a suppressor. Will come packaged as 10 lb of CSB 1 powder packaged in two 5 lb. My standard load was a Precision Delta FMJRN 147gr bullet with 3. It 39 s loaded with the Looking to add a dedicated subsonic barrel to my contender battery. 25 Jan 2010 That TiteGroup load is definitely sub sonic and would have to be used magazine there is an article on page 14 about subsonic . Only one better would be Titegroup. That surprised me. 0 grains of Red Dot and a 125 cast gave me 1115ish out of a 4. A popular Cowboy bullet is the 200 grain RNFP. In pistol 9mm 38 Super 40 S amp W and 10mm Auto are some of the cartridges where HS 6 provides top performance. 38spl. This is a discussion on Most accurate 9MM reload within the Ammo and Reloading forums part of the Gun Forum category I 39 ve been reloading 9mm for about 25 years and made a pretty comprehensive study of bullets powders loads etc. About this caliber 9mm also known as 9mm Luger 9x19mm 9 19 9mm NATO 9x19mm Parabellum 9mm Para is one of the most popular and widely used pistol caliber in the world 39 s militaries. 8gr and with the . Oct 08 2018 I have been shooting guns for 45 years and owner of many hand guns. 25 in a competition and practice environment. Then select your bullet weight powder manufacturer and powder type. When the 9mm Luger loads arrived the cartridge cases were improperly resized and it was jam jam jam destroying officer confidence during training. The city fathers had spent money on self loaders and the PD had bought defective ammo that the Chief had to ask them to replace. 9mm 135gr Round Nose Shop Now . 224 55gr FMJBT Shop Now . 223 55g and the . 00 out of 5 32. TARGET LOADS. CCI small rifle primer 55g FMJ pill pushed by 2. Add to Wish List. I 39 ve got quite a bit of Hodgdon TiteGroup powder which I bought for my pistol loads. Shop SUBSONIC . AE 147gr subsonic and this clock around 145 PF give or take which in all honesty is a pretty high PF and probably not going to experience much improvement if any over factory 115gr Walmart loads. I tested these rounds in both my AR 15 and my M amp P pistol. 2 grains of Titegroup under the Hornady 147 grain XTP at nbsp I 39 m looking to reload some 9mm for my fx 9 rifle and shooting it suppressed. I use it for IDPA USPSA 3 gun competition loads and they only need to make minor power factor. 1gr of titegroup under a 147gr coated bullet. Your pistol may be different however. A few years back I tried the subsonic . 147gr Yes excellent results with subsonic in both pistol and carbine hosts. 9 of W231 was my regular load for a long time but the gun I use the most doesn 39 t seem to like it so I started experimenting again. 12 11 2015 08 37 PM. These will be fired single shot they don 39 t need to operate the action. True jacketed bullets not plated. Aug 29 2013 TiteGroup replacdment load for Bullseye 2. Consistency clean burning low flash and a broad range of applications make this powder a choice for any handgun cartridge loader. Charge that is very close to the SAAMI limit for standard pressure 9mm loads at 35 000 PSI 33 000 CUP. 9g Titegroup. This system works well in pistol platforms. I have this same mold and cast this bullet for my Springfield 6 inch and Springfield 5 inch 1911 39 s. Aug 19 2009 This may be a long shot but I would really like to find some data for 115 grain FMJ 9mm that will run at subsonic velocity I 39 m currently using Titegroup powder but I 39 m not bound to that. The usual big name U. Precision Delta 147 grain FMJ bullets make a great choice for any 9mm hand loader. As pictured below left to right CMMG 9mm bolt 5. 44 remington mag . 5 inch CZ. bullets for 9mm I used slower burning powders recommended for use with that projectile weight in my 2011s. XTP loads I found that 4. Never had any problems with brass. Apr 21 2015 That model handles both supersonic and subsonic 300 BLK loads with no problem. . 223 ammo. Issue 5. Second Chambering variations in 9mm pistols can negatively affect cast bullet accuracy far more than they do with jacketed bullets. 2 grains of power pistol. 0 gr of titegroup these are hard hitting and sound great. 8gr trailboss behind a Lapua 200gr Subsonic out of an 18 quot AAC 1 in 8 quot twist barrel about 1. OAL 1. The first batch I did was a tiny 5. Match accuracy sd of less than 10fps with me loading it and subsonic for suppressor use. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Accurate Nitro 100 NF 115 gr. Powder Bul Weight C. I think it 39 s going to be a real challenge to keep a DE50 at 1000 fps and still allow full cycling of the slide. XTPs CCI primers and Speer once fired brass to begin loading with Lee dies. This chronographed at 900fps from a Colt Govt. LOAD GUIDE FOR RIFLE AND HANDGUN EDITION 3. No issues feeding Gun type goes a long way in determining the preferable load. 10 Apr 2015 I want to load 9mm in 124 grain plated round nose bullets using Hodgdon Titegroup. 16 quot both function well and seem accurate in my 3 9mm pistols 226 92FS M amp P CORE . 100gr HHP Shop Now . For reloaders you simply reduce the powder load accordingly and voila the softest shooting 9mm round possible. I bought a 16 inch barrell . com channel UC8WPcmxN 8pWj_GtfIn1arw Shirts for sale follow this link. well with these bullets for extra subsonic horse power if bullseye didn 39 t work. I hope you 39 re planning to run the 147gr bullets in a pistol and not out of a carbine length barrel like the HP995. Sep 06 2018 3. 5kg left. Dec 27 2017 A crowd favorite for pig hunting deer hunting and general subsonic fun with silencers it remains a strong choice for many shooters. madd0c I use titegroup in my 9mm . TONIGHT Powder Bul Weight C. 0 gr. With the burn rates Fay I 39 ve never found much heavy bullet data for the 9mm and 158gr. Women that are born with a BRCA1 mutation carry a lifetime increased risk of breast cancer of 80 and an increased risk of ovarian cancer of 40 . 8 titegroup 5 coated LFN w 2. I have been shooting them Subsonic from my scorpion for a while now. This is a discussion on Looking for info 9mm 147gr within the Ammunition forums part of the M14 M1A Forum category Hello brothers I 39 m in need of a bit of help with my 9mm 147gr reloads I usually use IMR700X 3. 9mm Luger Plus P 124 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point 20 Rounds. 6gr . 124 125 FMJ JHP 4. 00 9mm 147 Gr. 56 bolt for comparison. but to achieve that title it has taken more than a century along with the development of new powders bullets and guns. Sep 15 2013 Looking for info 9mm 147gr. 200 Very accurate hard hitting load. I use titegroup for 9mm using the Lee charge disk on my turret press. This is a 9mm Luger ballistics chart external generated using our ballistic trajectory calculator. 130 bc to . The . The 9mm Luger 9x19 Parabellum 9mm P 08 9mm NATO etc. I will shoot subsonic 124 39 s but out of my pistol. Mar 23 2017 Subsonic loads in a 300WM would be a waste of time to be honest with you. 00 WC 846 Powder For Rifle like BL C2 16lb That s actually what makes this 185 grain ammunition so interesting. 9. 4lb. Dec 19 2018 A sample of Data for 9mm Luger from Hodgdon Reloading Data Center. 231 loads 115 gr FMJ JHP 4. Likewise the Federal Premium LE 124 grain HST JHP would have been on the list . 75. 23 Jun 2013 I am looking to work up a 9mm subsonic load to shoot suppressed Hodgdon lists 3. 155 COL. 50 yard accuracy was very good too. Cowboy Action 357 Magnum Cowboy Action 38 Special Cowboy Action 38 40 Win. 9mm 147 RN Quantity of 500 Diameter 0. Now I just tried Aug 16 2017 Next Bullseye and Titegroup performed superbly. Very accurate My favorite 9mm subsonic loads 147gr 3. 18. I had issues with faster powders Titegroup N320 Bullseye not running everything 100 . 45 Colt 12 gauge and it works great for subsonic loads in rifle cases like . 5 quot 1 7 twist AR barrel There 39 s a lot of empty space in the 223 case so I When the 9mm Luger loads arrived the cartridge cases were improperly resized and it was jam jam jam destroying officer confidence during training. 2 titegroup 5 jhp 124g w 3. 355 9mm Xtreme Defense 118gr Subsonic Supersonic Bullet 09355118LP 357 SIG Xtreme Defense 118 View . A subsonic . However Accurate 5 has worked well for me with 124g Rainier RN. 060 OAL produced excellent 0. Ladder test Lee TL356 124 2R from MCK. I loaded up 50 rounds at 4. Your cartridges may be loadable or reloadable. 44 magnum for target loads. However there are many powders that work well in 9mm. NEW Berry 39 s . That is why you only see such weights in subsonic 9 mm loads. Mar 27 2016 Hodgdon now publishes low velocity and subsonic velocity lads in rifle cartridges popular ones like the 300AAC and much larger capacity ones too due to the very easy dependable ignition of Titegroup with tiny charges in large cases and those are the words that Hodgdon specifically uses to promote Titegroup. 3 gr. Does 9mm have any go to loads that are known for 9mm load recipe plinking target load Berry s bullets Titegroup powder. 160 is not only a great minor load it s also subsonic and perfect for suppressor use because it is very clean. 225 in. 100 quot overall length 10 shots 968 957 980 970 981 984 972 966 Dec 03 2018 9mm Subsonic Download our Android App Sounds like 3. Some data is shown that is subsonic. View the SDS Jul 13 2019 The 9mm Luger Barnes 115 grain P TAC XPD HP which has the highest expansion . I 39 m shooting a 9mm Caspian frame 1911 Govt with a 1 32 KKM fitted barrel bomar adjustable Sights based on what I know I 39 m sticking with 115 gr bullets Seirra Tournament Master Hornady HAP Hornady XTP . I have shot about 2500 so far with no issues. 142 quot both of these loads were very soft shooting for a 9mm. Check out the selection of bulk 45 ACP and 9MM bullets for reloading today Gold Dot. 6gr titegroup is barely subsonic out of my 16 quot 147 Berry 39 s plated RN 2. Handgun shooters looking for supreme accuracy and maximum knock down power have come to rely on Hornady Custom pistol ammo loaded with either the famous Hornady XTP Extreme Terminal Performance bullet our FMJ or FTX bullet. 124 Berry 39 s plated RN hollow base projos 3. For my 300 Blackout I run 220 gr bullets and Accurate 1680 powder. 754 quot trim to length 0. Subsonic 9mm load work up with Titegroup Excellent numbers with that big heavy bullet. I also added a Sig SB 15 Forearm Brace and an Aimpoint Micro T 2 optic for effective close range sighting. Berry 39 s Bullets. 2 of N320 or titegroup same everything else is also good but TG is nbsp Titegroup seems to be the friendliest powder concerning chamber pressure when using heavy bullets in the small case volume of the 9mm. Very easy to make power factor with a 147. 99 0. 357 Mag. Pistol ammo goes into 200rd ziploc sandwich bags for range trips. I had a problem with titegroup and won 39 t use it again in 9mm. jugs in a UN 4G Hazmat ship Jul 28 2020 Titegroup with the 9mm by cdrt on 7 28 2020 3 42 pm So what 39 s the smallest lightest powder charge you have tried with Titegroup and either the 147 grain Subsonic bullet or the 125 grain HAP Aug 01 2015 Load Data Suggestions for 124 gr Berry 39 s Plated 9mm. 357 Remington Maximum. Fiocchi IMI and Prvi Partizan offer a 158 grain FMJ round at 850 935 and 984 fps respectively. 5 quot groups from a Lipsey 39 s Ruger Blackhawk. 11 COL Haven 39 t seen any indication of tumbling or baffle strikes on my suppressor but this load is for plinking steel so I haven 39 t really tried to group it and check for keyholes on paper. 6 January 9 2013 Alexander Arms US Army Radford Arsenal P. All in Just loaded 350ct 380 AUTO with Starline brass 95gr Montana Gold Bullets 2. There are better cases to use. youtube. 38 Special. For those who are looking for Titegroup 110 Grain 300 Blackout Subsonic Load Data And Shotgun Stock Medallions review. During the primer powder reloading components amp ammo crisis of last year Titegroup emerged as a good substitute when I couldn 39 t get any WW231 or Unique. Golden Saber Black Belt Bullets 100 Count. Testing TiteGroup powder with 147 Grain Rainier bullets Pistols used CZ 75 SP01 Smith and Wesson M amp P Pro 5 inch Feb 27 2018 9mm Subsonic Casting 147 Grain Loading Shooting 2 Ladder test accura 9mm bullets titegroup amp starline brass First 9mm Reloads Lyman 356637 cast and Berry 39 s 147 grain with CFE 3. 38 Caliber. 355 diameter. 223 thing and it is a headache out of a bolt gun which I was using before even thinking gas gun. And I never shot suppressed pistols. Still wouldn t want to catch one though. com Search Engine 2020 Aug 01 2015 Load Data Suggestions for 124 gr Berry 39 s Plated 9mm. 9mm load of choice Im considering 147 gr. May 20 2014 I am getting ready to load 9mm 147gr bullets to run through my suppressor but I cant find the powder I want V V N320 Of the powders I do have on hand does anybody have any insight as to which ones would be the quietest Here is what I have Titgroup AA 7 AA 9 AA 5 Winchester 231 Solo 1000 Looking to add a dedicated subsonic barrel to my contender battery. regular 45acp loads are by nature subsonic. 1 gr MAX for 230 gr LRN. FN45 Brownind high power 9mm Russian Makarov 9. May 09 2020 So far using a fairly standard load for . And glancing at the Lyman 50th edition reloading manual for 9mm pistol data the loads are very close to each other. Jul 31 2015 The 9mm will handle heavier bullets. 145 quot OAL. 45 bolt w lugs cut to be less aggressive than the 9mm and modified tail 5. 45 bolt with just the tail modified unmodified 5. 5 moa groups at 300 yards. 6 3. Subsonic ammunition usually uses heavier bullets to retain as much energy and momentum as possible at the lower velocities. Freedom Munitions makes a subsonic very heavy for caliber 165 gr RN I noticed that titegroup is around 2. 5 3. Feb 24 2017 According to the SAAMI Standard page 17 the lowest 9mm Luger power factor is 120 for the 100 gr x 1 195 fps cartridge followed by the 96 gr 1 330 fps and 105 gr 1 200 fps cartridges at 126. Joined Feb 19 2011 Messages 125 Likes 9 SRT recommended Titegroup powder for the subsonic loads and I got some Hornady 124 and 147 gr. Very fine powder dense. I was wondering if anyone has any load data using either CFE or Titegroup powder Here is a link to the bullet 9mm 145 Gr. A delivery of Winchester 9mm ball saved the day. Out of stock. Rating 99 . 0gr Power Pistol and just got back I just started reloading my first . 6 The ISIS 2 is an aluminum monocore pistol suppressor that can handle 45 ACP 40 S amp W 9mm 300 Blackout Subsonic and. com. Shop now for free shipping no taxes and unconditional 100 satisfaction guarantee. 50 WC 844 Powder For Rifle like H335 16lb 208. Sep 04 2019 I 39 ve decided to move from rifle reloading to now doing some pistol. I zero 39 d my CZ scorpion with 147 HSTs and my reloads shot slightly Mar 02 2013 W231 is the only powder I used for pistol calibers. Sitting atop 2. But with decent shot placement the Maker Shop SUBSONIC . 156. 1. Browning 85 1911 Bill DeShivs replied Sep 24 2020 at 2 17 PM. 9. 9mm Luger 9mm Parabellum 147 GR Handload Data reloading data with 55 loads. 147 grain bullets are perfect for subsonic 9mm and soft shooting match ammunition. 5 quot 1 7 twist AR barrel There 39 s a lot of empty space in the 223 case so I Feb 20 2011 The Missouri 9mm 147 lfp is cast from a Magma Engineering Mold. I 39 m running low on that powder now so I am looking to use up some CFE Pistol I have and Titegroup. I 39 m burning through about 25 lbs of Titegroup at the moment. 0 gr of H110 for the 357 and testing some plinking ammo from Accura for the 38 special with Titegroup. 636 x 975 2 310 Ft lbs. I normally make my range ammo on the lighter side but within recommended charges to save on powder but I nbsp . 0 grains of Titegroup at 1. Jul 20 2017 9mm Semiwadcutters is 1088 fps sharps4590 replied Sep 24 2020 at 2 21 PM. Made from a swaged lead core and copper jacket our FMJ bullets are renowned for their consistency and accuracy. manufacturers CCI Federal Remington and Winchester don 39 t offer anything over 147 grains. I 39 ve actually had a lot of luck with Titegroup and it works so well in all my pistol loads . 32. Dec 29 2011 Hodgon Titegroup 4. 38 Super loads as the cup is harder and resists the hellacious pressures extant. Both are USA made. 8. And if you re looking for more information on ammo reloading you can also browse Hodgdon s Reloading Education section for some comprehensive but easy to understand reloading help. 308 168g using TiteGroup. Rating 100 . Feb 20 2011 The Missouri 9mm 147 lfp is cast from a Magma Engineering Mold. quietest subsonic Apr 16 2011 Blue Dot does very well with 147gr jacketed bullets in 9mm pistols but is not as cost effective. 223 Remington 55gr FMJ and more at Detroit Ammo Co. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Accurate Powders. 223 SubSonic In Stock Items Only Sort By Default Name A Z Name Z A Price Low gt High Price High gt Low Model A Z Model Z A Show 20 25 50 75 100 To maximize performance the ballistics experts at Western Powders Inc. All data in this caliber is subsonic but is not normally tagged with the name subsonic. Another explaination is the powder sticking to the oils on the projectile from handling. 40 S amp W . Rated 5. 40 loads from 500 grams and around 2100 for 9mm. 40 to 1. I noted that when it hit my face it was more of a sooty and Nov 28 2009 I just changed my Subsonic load to 4. I currently have a Glock 19 and a Springfield 1911 Range Officer in 9mm. 44 Mag . my normal 147 is zero 147 FMJ from www. I load coated 9mm 147 gn zombies plated and straight lead in my nbsp 25 Feb 2014 Looks like I may have some Hodgdon Titegroup in my future. Jump to page Aug 19 2009 115 grain FMJ 39 s with 4. 308 load 10. Bullseye racked in all 1s in 9mm and scored 1s to 2. Box Qty 500 Sitting atop 2. 5 quot 1 7 twist AR barrel There 39 s a lot of empty space in the 223 case so I 147gr. So far I use them for 380acp 9mm 40s amp w 45acp and 44mag. 62 inches diameter but it over penetrated at 18. TITEGROUP is a double base spherical propellant that was designed for accuracy. Titegroup burns pretty hot so it 39 s not the best choice for lead bullets but it 39 s great with FMJ 39 s. 17 Ackley I get around 1650 . This is a discussion on Load Data Suggestions for 124 gr Berry 39 s Plated 9mm within the Ammo and Reloading forums part of the Gun Forum category Hello fellow SIG lovers. Holds well at 100 yards with just about an inch of holdover vs my normal ammo. Does anyone know what powder and or charge this ammo uses The only subsonic . tomf52 Reloading 8 10 20 2015 09 49 AM Load help 9mm Berrys HBFP amp Titegroup buckshotshorty Reloading 13 11 15 2014 12 51 PM W231 vs Titegroup vs Clays in subsonic 44 Mag quot cowboy quot load SLT223 Reloading 15 11 10 2014 11 14 AM Load data for 40 S amp W lead flat nose and titegroup Im interested in opinions that may lead to healthy debate. is currently the most handloaded pistol cartridge in the U. 32 orifice I get 3. June 5 2009 06 My first 9mm loads with Titegroup. 380 Cal. 450 Bushmaster Subsonic Ammo Ammo Hornady . 0 gr Titegroup for 1 1. 4 Jun 2009 I was loading 9mm subsonic match with Hornady 147gr RNBT bullets I roll my own with 147 grain berry 39 s and 3. Cowboy Action 44 Russian Cowboy Dec 16 2019 Retake Accura 124gr 9mm Titegroup and Starline Brass. I 39 ve had my eye on Unique and they carry it at the range. 300 aac blackout 7 62x35mm ammo rifle subsonic. So far this has been the best all around load that works in all my 9mm guns. 6gr Titegroup CCI small pistol primer 1. 3grains with an OAL of 1. 115 Principal Purpose Handgun loads Remarks America 39 s best known pistol powder. Box 1 Radford VA 24143 Phone 540 639 8356 www. Everglades 115gr bullets 9mm in my CZ75B. Nosler Partition has almost three times the muzzle velocity as the Rex 180 grain subsonic and almost six times the energy at 100 yards. 0 0 0. I was loading them with WSF powder under the FMJ load data on the hodgdon site. That 39 s what I do. I load for a few guns including a CZ p 07 and a CMMG Banshee style AR9 which has the shortest throat of all my 9mm firearms. Powders include Winchester Vihtavuori Alliant IMR Hodgdon Accurate Ramshot Mar 12 2015 Anyone loading 160gr in 9mm Reloading Bench Loaded to go about 800 820 fps with Titegroup it is a very soft shooting and accurate load. I also have a 147gr stash for both platforms. O. I 39 ve had loaded cartridges of PC bullets and Titegroup that are over a year old and I noticed no leading or performance deterioration after running a couple hundred out of Jan 07 2013 My subsonic 147 load with berrys plated bullets is 3. Super Nano Detergent bore cleaner. It only take about 3. 223 Remington 60 62 gr. 01 2 5 Clays Silhouette Enforcer A1 A0 GM3 N350 N105 3N38 STEEL 572 e3 20 28 Prima V This new powder provides full function of AR type rifles throughout the range of bullet weights and is perfect for those subsonic reduced loads. 5 grains of 7 AA powder and they stay subsonic with a 11 inch barrel. 34 orifice 3. Price A nice subsonic load. 2 of N320 or titegroup same everything else is also good but TG is not as clean. 00 85. Rifle goes into 90 or 180rd 30rd mags . FREE Shipping on orders over 99. 9mm 147gr JHP Bullets 9mm 147gr JHP Bullets . Jun 16 2014 231 is an excellent powder for 9mm. BERR 308 200 SP. This ammunition intentionally does not cycle the action for the ultimate in quiet shooting. 2 3. This is a top choice for 9 MM. Runs in the 900fps range in all my 9mm handguns. 250 No feeding problems clean and accurate Hot target load Hornady 230 Gr HP XTP Bullseye 5. Hodgdon CFE BLK part 2 First subsonic tests with 208 ELD and 220 SMK. 1gr to For subsonic 9mm that 39 s not acceptable at all IMO with a good nbsp 26 Jan 2010 I 39 ve experimented with Titegroup Hornady XTP for my 16 inch AR 15. I carry SIG 220R 45 however the sig is fussy about the ammo only problem is steel casing cause a FTE a couple of times. 125 COL works about the same. Sep 19 2018 Reloading 300 Blackout and Testing Loads in 2 Different ARs J. containers. Price 59. 20 ga. I use 4. 6 grs. In stock Subsonic 223 Remington Ammo at detroitammoco. Re FYI. 357 Diameter. Finding loading data is kinda hard online. 8 to 5. Titegroup s unique design provides flawless ignition with all types of primers including lead free versions. 13 Range Brass 4. CCI Lawman 147 grain 9mm PHP quot Plated Hollow Find what you need in four easy steps. 355 Diameter. 5 grains with any 155 bullet nice and accurate. Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger which in Texas is called 39 walking 39 . On the Hodgdon website they list three close rounds. I 39 ve been able to get the results that I was looking for with 124gr and 147gr bullets but now have a bunch of 115 39 s to try out. have developed a Although many of my associates favor the heavy 147 grain 9mm subsonic loads they just nbsp 17 Oct 2018 on 145 Gr. As always thanks for the help Dec 26 2018 Re suppressed subsonic 9mm propellants SBR I actually shoot 147 39 s in IDPA competition. Apr 03 2011 Cowboy Action has recently given the . It loads very similarly to Hodgdon TiteGroup powder and Alliant Bullseye. 9mm quot Special K quot 256 974 3504 Last I knew they were selling it for 275 per 1000 rounds. 223 subsonic. 68 for 8 lb the hazmat They have CCI BR primers at 39. These lead cast bu. 45 ACP load. We have more details about Detail Specification Subsonic or Full Auto 300 Blackout rounds come in two types subsonic or full auto. 39 Pre Order Jan 26 2011 The common 147gr round made by many most manufactures of 9mm ammo is in fact often subsonic right from the factory. 169 quot RCBS shell holder 16 cart. Since we now have the momentum for the 9mm 147 gr. Universal Clays and HS6 are from Hodgdon and similar to Bullseye and Unique. 170 COAL with 5. Apr 18 2018 Hornady . 9mm 147 grain round nose CSB 1 Powder For Pistol like TiteGroup 10lb 137. Very accurate results with load just a tad above max published load. Choose Options. Federal 9mm 147 gr HST Jacketed Hollow Point Personal Defense 20 box . 356 UPC 819304010291. This is excellent powder for use with 9mm 380ACP 40SW 45ACP 38 SPL 357 MAG and many other calibers. Gold Dot ammunition s proven reliability has made it the No. Brownells is the source for all your ammunition needs. 5 gr Mixed Cases Federal 150 or CCI 300 Primers COAL 1. 3 grains depending on what gun will get you there. of Alliant Power Pistol to reach a power factor of approximately 126 000. 5 5 shot groups at 50 yards chronographed at an average SRT recommended Titegroup powder for the subsonic loads and I got some Hornady 124 and 147 gr. 356 UPC 852879006092. 380 Auto ACP 9mm Luger Parabellum 357 Sig. This included shooting over 50 000 rounds through three different guns. Buffalo Bore. 2 Vit N330 Delta Precision 147 grn This all fell apart with my purchase of a Ruger PC Carbine. In my case this is a 124 G FMJ bullet at around 1050 fps. 56mm . 5 grains of TiteGroup. 308 Win load using H Titegroup from the Hodgdon data site shoot well out to 100 yards with grouping better than ball ammo. As it turns Feb 11 2019 Lyman makes a AR Reloading Handbook with 9mm load data with minimum and maximum loads that will function in AR type rifles. I 39 m thinking in the 700 900 fps range. 300 Blackout it performs beautifully in many smaller capacity cartridges in particular varmint cartridges such as the . 744 quot max cart. Most shooters use it in varying capacities from 200 yards or less. The 9mm operates at pressures that require special care when shooting cast bullets. 223 Remington shooting heavier bullets. Universal HS 7 Herco BE 86 3N37 800X Longshot 7 9 CFE Pistol HS 6 Power Pistol Unique Bullseye 700X TiteGroup Ba7. Made in the USA. 357 magnum 39 s after spending the last 4 months learning the basics of reloading by reloading maybe 1 500 rounds of . Unlike pistol powders of the past powder position in large cases 45 Colt 357 Magnum and others has virtually no effect on velocity and performance. Both cartridges are cross compatible in new chambers but don t try reformed military brass in a tight old Whisper chamber. you can see the rounds going down range. Great FMJ bullets. Unique is my preference in the carbine for subs as it gives you 914 on the low end and 1050 on max load. Trust your balance beam over the electronic IMO. 10mm Caliber Find your best price for 9mm Luger Ammo handgun 147 grains Cheap 9mm Luger Ammunition handgun 147 grains AmmoSeek. 636 lb 9mm Luger 9mm Parabellum Speer Reloading Manual 14 Warning Notes max. 8 TiteGroup 6. View the SDS Due to increased demand our shipping times have increased to 12 15 business days. rozedist. The important thing to consider here is whether the powder is appropriate for the type of rounds that you use. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Accurate 5 135 gr. These loads are noted as subsonic. 357 Magnum is a sound and useful design one that will continue to be enjoyed by shooters and hunters alike for decades to come. 2gr is dispensed. 308 Winchester that is at the smith 39 s getting threaded for my Suppressor. 100 in. Its cheaper than HP38 too. I bought some 170 gr round nose 30 30 bullets and a can of Trail Boss that I feel will work nice for subsonic loads. JHP lets use it with the shortcut I mentioned . Most rifle loadings are all supersonic so nbsp 12 Oct 2019 3. 231 is not good for 147 gr bullets. 450 Bushmaster Subsonic Ammo Steve Gash August 13 2020. Winchester 231 is a ball powder one of the most popular handgun propellants in history. 6 grains of TiteGroup and a 124 plated gave me 990 out of the same pistol. During my 300BO load tests supersonic and subsonic I tested loads in 8 quot 16 quot and 18 quot barrels using H110 CFEBLK and Vihtavuori N110 powdered unicorn horn . RN 1000 Ct. 5 grains of TiteGroup for a modest velocity of 745 fps light recoil and one hole groups. This cost effective 9mm ammunition is loaded with a brass casing Winchester primer and powder along with a 147 grain full metal jacket FMJ . 5 INCLUDES The most up to date and comprehensive 223 Rem data available New data for 30 AR 30 T C and 6mmx45 PO B o x 158 357 Sig 147 gr XTP Item 9131 20 Box US Patent 8 413 587 8 161 885. Principal Purpose Handgun loads Remarks America 39 s best known pistol powder. You will get fewer rounds per pound from Blue Dot than you will from Bullseye and Unique. 4 grs 124 125 FMJ 4. txt or read online for free. 1 of N310 and a Berry s plated 147 1. Dec 30 2018 The trick is to run very heavy projectile. 8 of PB Comments and results The 4. June 4 2009 04 Anyone in SoCal Interested in Splitting up 8lbs of Titegroup . 3 grains may be a little low in velocity if you 39 re hoping for maximum subsonic power. Haven 39 t tried suppressed yet because I want to determine a clean load first. Forgot to get a pic in the tray so settled for one in the bag. Thank you for your patience. This round has been thoroughly tested to function in both pistol and carbine length gas systems. In fact most 9mm ammunition with 158 grain and heavier bullets have subsonic printed on the box to emphasize their use for this purpose. case Speer primer CCI 500 test firearm S amp W M5906 barrel length 4 quot 147 grain bullets not recommended for barrels longer than 10 inches IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE These loads were developed and tested for safe use in Feb 26 2012 i have loaded tons of 9mm subsonic with old amp new unique any 147 bullet with 4. A Federal Premium 180 grain 308 WIN. 358 lead balls and would like to make up some rat killing loads with them for my Marlin Camp Carbine. I would use 296 if I wanted lots of recoil lots of noise and to set the woods on fire. Much better feeding than the 150 grain SWC I found for this application. Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. 2 grains of titegroup to keep these boolits subsonic in my 10. Sep 14 2011 For decades I 39 ve used Unique with a variety of 9mm bullets amp have had fair results. From checking load data 150 s are maybe 50 fps slower with CFE BLK than H110 W296 but the pressure is close to 20K less with CFE Blk. 45 bolt obtained the cyclic rate and smoothness I was looking for and not add any additional reciprocating mass. JHP I ll be fair with an average velocity of 975 FPS 147 x 975 225218 . 0 gr which is about where I nbsp Archive Powder choice for 9mm 124gr load Ammo and Reloading. Any one have a load with the combination of Titegroup and Berrys HBFP bullet that they might care to share or any other load that would work with this bullet Sep 14 2016 Thanks for the tip. 9mm Luger 124 gr XTP Item 90242 25 Box US Patent 8 161 885 8 413 587. 1 4. It burns completely and fast. Apr 07 2017 There have been many visionaries in the firearms industry the John Brownings and the Peter Paul Mausers but we firmly believe that if for nothing other than the . 5gr Titegroup with 147gr plated as my subsonic load for my G34 and 9mm AR15. 10mm Caliber 9mm 165 RN Quantity of 500 Diameter 0. Note Read the warnings on the packaging before loading this powder. To ensure reliable cycling given that for the above cartridges the G34 is 39 sprung accordingly 39 17 lbs I 39 m at a loss as to how 13 lbs is the Dec 14 2018 Hello I 39 m just starting out with this type of shooting and looking for opinions . 357 Magnum. I don t know if perfect shot placement with the subsonic round would cartwheel a running hog like we filmed a few years ago. Out of Stock. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets. While traditional jacketed bullets are produced on multi stage stamping machines consisting of dies with each stage and die combination producing a slightly different bullet we machine our bullets on state of the art CNC machines to produce incredibly precise Jan 24 2009 Is all 147 grain 9mm subsonic 9mm 147gr Hornady XTP 3. As always thanks for the help Mar 07 2015 I 39 m thinking about trying some new loads for 9MM 115 grain plated bullets RN . Felt Recoil Competition shooters enjoy the use of heavy 9mm bullets with less powder to produce reduced recoil while still meeting Power Factor requirements. 4gr titegroup is where I ll start since I have a bottle of that on hand. 223 Cal. Undoubtedly these debates aren t going anywhere soon but some get especially heated. SDW308. Hodgdon Titegroup Quest Ramshot Tac Powder Shooters Forum. 450 Bushmaster is Hornady 39 s new Subsonic offering. RMR FMJ Truncated Cone Flat Point MatchWinner Bullets. 9gr. 5. What is your 147 gr. Titegroup 110 Grain 300 Blackout Subsonic Load Data And Shotgun Stock Medallions On Titegroup 110 Grain 300 Blackout Subsonic Load Data And Shotgun Stock Medallions Sale . My subsonic rounds in my 5 quot barrel were constantly breaking the sound barrier with the 16 quot barrel. Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. Nosler 9mm Bullets 115 RN Berrys Free Shipping over 25 w insurance tracking and no tax added . Find your best price for 9mm Luger Ammo handgun 147 grains Cheap 9mm Luger Ammunition handgun 147 grains AmmoSeek. jim on 25th Apr 2016. 2 gn Titegroup under 147g 9X19 flat point truncated cone. To further test the bullets coating we shot over 30 000 rounds of the 50 000 through a mostly stock XDM 9mm 5. 3 of VV N330 4. In the gun world debates rage on for decades and some are pushing a century. OAL 1. Xtreme 147gr bullets with Accurate Arms 2 or Titegroup have worked awesome for everyone here in our WA group of suppressor shooters. round nose FMJ with approximately 4. 07 31 2018 07 04 AM 3 UH60_TrunkMonkey I m going for 124 gr and 147 gr to test which one is best for me. 50 . Match Solid Technology. I 39 ve experimented with Titegroup Hornady XTP for my 16 inch AR 15. of Titegroup and a 125gr Hornady XTP and they felt exactly like a . 9 under 124gr FMJ the other day and they were accurate and still subsonic. . It ran in the Ruger PCC 9 but it didn 39 t group nbsp I 39 d like to start reloading subsonic ammo for handguns Glock pistols 3. 9mm Luger 147 Grain XTP Subsonic 25 Rounds. 5 grs. 4 of Titegroup both under berry 39 s 147s at 1. 5 5 shot groups at 50 yards chronographed at an average 9mm Caliber. Maximum firepower ammunition. 38 . I already have the bullets and I 39 m using my friends Dillon 650 which is set up for titegroup. 9mm Luger. Jul 23 2019 I would like to close with my pick of the best powder for 45 ACP handloads but so many work so well in this wonderful old cartridge doing so is impossible. 45 ACP target loads. UPDATED 09 27 2018 All links have been removed. 3gr for the subsonic I ran in the carbine. subsonic 9mm titegroup


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